An Introduction to Infogol

In recent years there has been an expansion in the number of apps dedicated to sports betting.

Many of these betting aids offer a variety of statistics to help anyone wishing to make a more informed wager on his or her chosen sport.

These range from simple recent form guides in the case of football, to the processing of extensive databases which chart the past performances of racehorses and seek to shed light on their future prospects.

Alongside this rapidly changing betting landscape, football itself is undergoing a more sedate and less well publicised conversion towards the utilisation of statistical indicators to make informed decisions concerning team selection and recruitment.

The Infogol app uses many of the cutting edge techniques that are becoming common place in professional clubs. These have been applied to forecasting future match results and this information has been packaged alongside more traditional statistics.

This innovation allows anyone access to the so called “advanced stats” that have been quietly shaping some of the decisions made at many of the leading Premier League and Championship teams in recent years.

Much of the attraction of football revolves around the low scoring nature of the game. Often a beaten side can legitimately point to a shot or incident that, with a different outcome may have led to a different final result.

In a sense they are thinking probabilistically.

Every goal attempt has some likelihood that it will end up in the net just prior to it leaving the players boot or head.

Penalty kicks, for example are converted around 78% of the time, but on one particular day the outcome is either a goal or not.

A single match result is just one of a range of possible outcomes that depends not only on the quality and quantity of chances a side creates and allows, but also how “lucky” they were in the actual outcomes on the day.

Increasingly professional teams have become aware that what is important for long term success is the creation of numerous, high quality chances, rather than the singular, often luck tainted final result after 90 plus minutes of play.

The Infogol app allows anyone with a deeper interest in the game of football to share the knowledge that is common place for the game’s top managers.

It grants access to the probabilistic process of chance creation that drives team quality and long term results, rather than the often illusory hot or colds streaks of success or failure that form short term soundbite media opinion.

The Infogol app development kept in mind the need for presenting and processing detailed information in an easily accessible way, combined with the knowhow of analysts who are at the forefront of the footballing data revolution.

Infogol is the exciting next stage in the world of mobile based footballing apps.

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